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'... vocal pyrotechnics and incredible varieties of harmony and tone.'

Ivan North, Folk London

JigJaw are delighted to announce their debut CD doodle i doe!


Buy it direct via PayPal (£12 including P&P, UK orders only; contact us for overseas shipping rates) ...

Track listing

1. My Young Man (2.22)
Dance: Schottische
2. Strip the Willow Set: My Laddie Sits Ower Late Up/Mhaire nighean Alasdair/Gie My Love Brose (1.48)
Dance: Strip the Willow
3. Los Soliers De Ma Mia (3.16)
Dance: 3 time Bourrée
4. Searching for Lambs (3.14)
Dance: 5 time Waltz
5. Gay Gordons Set: Willie Brewed a Peck o' Maut/Barren Rocks of Aden/Swing Yer Maw (3.06)
Dance: Gay Gordons
6. Polska Set: Lill Mats/Yum Pa (3.21)
Dance: Polska
7. Mountain Square Set: Frosty Morning/Buffalo Girls/Angeline the Baker (4.06)
Dance: Mountain Squares
8. Indische Bourrée no.1 (2.25)
Dance: 3 time Bourrée
9. The Keys of Canterbury (3.09)
Dance: Circassian Circle or Chapeloise
10. Domschottis (2.05)
Dance: Swedish Schottis
11. Cambric Shirt (3.27)
Dance: Waltz
12. Waterbound (2.02)
Dance: Square Dance
13. Barbara (2.04)
Dance: 2 time Bourrée
14. The Waxies' Dargle (2.12)
Dance: Dashing White Sergeant
15. Hush (4.08)
Dance: Waltz
16. Peej in the Shovel (1.28)
Dance: An improvised rampage of southern English style stepping!